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Hello my friends!

by princess_lom
You're here because you love ME trylogy or you got lost. Don't worry, internet is huge and even I can get lost.
As you can see its a fanfic comic, so please, remember that oryginal story belongs to Bioware.


Jane Shepard got a mission, to destroy collectors base in other galaxy. Ilusion man send her and few other people with her. It's a suicide mission, but if they won't do that, milky way can be destroyed! Shepard recruit drell, an assasin alien named Thane. She didn't know that she will fall in love with an alien. 

It's just a short story of Thane x Jane, I was just unsatisfied with short romance in game, I made few additional scenes.
About me:

You need to know, that I'm also doing my own oryginal comic stories. Babylon the Great and RE:Eclipse.
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